Steve Sless | Principal

Widely regarded as one of the top leasing and management professionals in commercial real estate, Steve has successfully spearheaded portfolio-wide specialty leasing programs for some of the premier retail developers and management firms in the United States, including Simon Property Group, Prime Retail, The Lightstone Group, and The Woodmont Company.

Across his 24-year career, Steve has managed the leasing programs and trained onsite leasing and management teams for over 130 regional malls and outlet shopping centers. At each property, specialty leasing net revenue has enjoyed a significant increase and activated tens of thousands of vacant square footage in these properties under Steve’s leadership.  Today, specialty leasing is more critical than ever as a key driving force of increased center occupancy against dangerous co-tenancy issues prevalent at many shopping centers in the United States. 

Steve is a highly effective communicator, having trained onsite and corporate staff from all management disciplines (including leasing, security, operations, marketing, and administrative), and transformed them into highly capable leasing professionals.  Many of these onsite teams proudly claim they are graduates of the fictional “Steve Sless School of Leasing.” Levity aside, Steve wholeheartedly believes and fundamentally asserts that successfully “moving the needle” at shopping centers is unattainable without the support, talent, insight, and ownership of the onsite teams.  

Top-down leasing efforts are all too common these days, often resulting in costly delays in response times to prospective tenants, and costing property owners opportunities for valuable retailers. A professionally trained onsite staff is integral to creating a vertically integrated leasing attack, and mitigates the risks of remote, centralized leasing efforts. Steve spurs his teams into coordinated action consistently towards success.